Grotto Design (water included)

Welcome to The Grotto! This single pack bottled water is filled with plain water and Ready To Go.

  • Contains 20 fl oz of plain water

  • Refill with tap water

  • Signature GEN Z design

  • Some of my favorite imaginary friends

  • Full aluminum construction

  • 100% recyclable

  • BPA-free

  • Your daily water bottle that is Okay to lose somewhere


This.Water.Is.Where.It’s.At. My kids, all ages (15, 12 x2, and 9) love it. Not only for the original taste but also for the cool bottle they take to school and get lots of compliments on by their friends and then they get to refill their bottle. I personally enjoy the slim-ness and how the aluminum keeps the water cool for longer. It also fits in all my cup holders and is easy to carry around. The characters are easy to love and draw attention to the bottle which sparks conversation about the product and website, win/win. We love GenZ Water ❤️❤️❤️

Amanda P.

Genz water offers the best water packaging I have ever seen. This is what attracts me to the brand and makes me want to keep buying it. Also the mottos and cool sayings surrounding the brand are super cool! Keep up the good work!!

Eason c.

Great water and fantastic bottle. I reused the bottle for a week or two and loved everything about it. Absolutely will get again!


At first I thought it would just be normal water, but then I tasted it. So good and the metal water bottle has a nice cold touch. It is like a hydro flask I don’t worry about losing or breaking.

David B.


I want to know about your GEN Z Experience!! Please share a review of my water here.

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