GEN Z is not “Uber for water.” We have no origin story. We aren’t here to save the world.

We are a water company that hopes to leave behind more happiness and less everything else.

GEN Z sells plain, flavorless transparent liquid in weird, colorful bottles. These bottles are made of aluminum (not plastic), so they can be resealed, refilled, and easily recycled.

Before making GEN Z, our leadership team worked with the household names of the consumer goods world. Now they are disrupting the industry they helped build. And though the company was started by real Boomers, it couldn’t live up to its name without our Gen Z Council showing us how to talk to the youths without trying to talk to the youths.

The humans who drink GEN Z are not doing so for performance or status reasons. They know water is just water. Perhaps they like the jokes, or the Critters, or the sustainable aluminum construction. Whatever the case, we like to think there’s something here for everyone.

Thank you for reading. And if you happen to be a water drinker, please consider purchasing GEN Z.